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Monday, the 12th of July, by Kat Battershill

3 Simple Braid Hairstyles to Try on Yourself

Braiding your hair can be the perfect way to navigate those between-wash days or add interest to an otherwise standard pony. Here are 3 step-by-step easy braids you can try on yourself this week to level-up your hairstyle!

#1 The Fishtail Braid

This style can be worn every day to add more volume, and it can make for a great punk-inspired style for a night in or out. It is also great for keeping a fringe or shorter pieces of hair out of your face.

Step 1- Part the Hair

Using the end of a comb (or even your finger if you’re in a hurry), section the hair about an inch up from the temple so that the braid will sit directly at the centre of the forehead, and end this right above the crown or wherever you want your ponytail to sit.

Step 2- Ponytail

Put the remaining hair up into a high ponytail, and secure tightly. This can be loose and messy or tight and sleek depending on your preference.

Step 3 – Creating the Fishtail

Taking two small sections at the hairline, cross them over one another, for example, leftover right, next take a small section of hair (right), cross this over and add it to the opposite side (left), go back and forth from side to side crossing them over until you no longer have any hair left in the section.

Once there is no more hair to add start using the hair already in the braid, taking a small amount of hair from the outside of the left braid (for example) and crossing it over and adding it to the inside of the right, then take a small amount from the outside of the right and place it into the inside of the left. Once you have created an inch of braid take a small elastic and tie this off.

Step 4 – Volume

To create volume in the braid, hold onto the elastic, place it against the head and push it slightly forward as if it is going into itself, this will push the whole braid foreword to create as much or as little volume as you want, pin the hair into place by using the elastic as an anchor. Then using a hair bobble, secure the hair from the braid into the ponytail. You can wrap a small piece of hair to hide the bobbles for a more put-together look.

#2 Braided Space Buns

An extremely cute style for any occasion! This style is great for getting your hair out of your face and off your neck on a hot day, but also wonderful if your hair is normally too short to go into a ponytail or bun. Braiding traps the hair that otherwise would fall out in a regular updo.

Step 1- Sectioning

Split your hair straight down the centre and pin one side out of the way, then split the remaining hair into two, you will want to do this in a diagonal, going from the top of your ear to your crown, or where you want your bun to sit.

Step 2- Braiding

Flip your head over and split the hair into 3 even yet small sections at the nape of the neck, take the left and place it under the middle, then take the right and place this under the new middle section to create a dutch braid. Add hair into the left section then put this under the middle, add hair into the right and then put this under the middle, continue adding hair, and crossing it under, until you have run out of hair in this section. Keep this braid tight and secure, you can pull it apart later to create volume.

Step 3 – Buns

Tie off the braid and flip your head upright. Then gather the rest of the hair from the side of your head you have been working on and tie this together with a bobble. To create the buns, I split the pony into two and twisted them around one another, then around the bobble and pinned them into place, pulling the hair out or fixing anything that looked amiss.

Repeat on the other side of your head, if you would rather, you can make this into a normal bun style, by not splitting your hair down the middle and instead create one much larger braid.


#3 Simple Side Braid

This simple style is great for any age, and occasion, pull it apart and make it soft for a more feminine look or keep it tight and sleek for a more punk look. This works on most hair lengths and is super simple.

Step 1 – Sectioning

Section the hair to the side or middle & start the part about an inch up from the temple, going back 2-3 inches. This will end up just behind your ear. You can also take a small amount of hair from the top of your parting and flip it to the other side of your head, later once flipped back will cover the parting making for an altogether more put-together look.

Step 2 –  Braiding

Using the same method as in look 2, braid the hair outside under middle, outside under middle then adding in hair each time. Ensure to go diagonally down the head, this will mean that you can easily hide the end of the braid under the hair and you will be able to hide any pins you use to secure it into place. Once you have braided the hair secure with a small elastic.

Step 3- Finishing the Look

Pin the braid to the nape of your neck and cross the pins over one another to make this more secure. Then flip the hair for hiding the part, and you are ready. I chose to curl the rest of the hair, to give some texture and movement but this is not necessary, some sea salt spray will also create texture and volume for a more natural look.

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