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Monday, the 10th of August, by Gracie Cox

3 Social Media Trends We Lived for During Lockdown

Now we’re gradually getting back to normality lockdown seems like a lifetime ago or as if it didn’t even happen.

Now we’re gradually getting back to normality lockdown seems like a lifetime ago or as if it didn’t even happen. But, when we reflect on the weird and wonderful activities we took part in as a way of coping we can see how everyone became more creative to overcome the issues that isolation caused. Creatives found new ways of collaborating over social media, Zoom and FaceTime and makeup artists started using themselves as their canvas. The trends and challenges that surfaced whether it was exercising, dancing or putting a t-shirt on while in a handstand, brought the community together and showed us the importance of supporting one another throughout this difficult time. These fun tasks are reassuring and a great release from the anxiety and uncertainty we still are all facing now so next time one comes up why not give it a go!

The Pillow Dress Challenge

With the stay at home orders in full-effect, @myforteisfashion and @stylebynelli took it upon themselves to create the now-viral #quarantinepillowchallenge. This trend involved using a pillow with a belt tied around it to create some kind of ‘comfy couture’ during the time where we all rotated the same three loungewear outfits. You can add any accessories you want and even glam yourself up to look your quarantine best. The trend quickly spread over Instagram and even celebrities like Anne Hathaway and Halle Berry took part. Some creators even purchased new fancy pillows to get experimental with their lockdown look.

Image by @myforteisfashion


DIY Vogue Covers

Another trend that surfaced, particularly within the beauty community, were the DIY Vogue covers. Ever dreamt of being a front cover girl or boy? Well, now you can. Simply have a relaxed glam or editorial photoshoot in your bedroom, whack on the Vogue header and voila! This trend was incredible and brought out so many individuals’ creativity, whether in makeup, hair, styling, photography or editing. For once you could be your whole creative team, even including the model. It was refreshing to see so much talent and experimentation down my feed especially when it was common to feel uninspired after staring at your bedroom wall for 2 months straight. Never underestimate the power of creating and doing yourself up when you’re feeling low, it can be super therapeutic and I know it worked wonders for so many beautiful women and men during lockdown.

Image by @culvin                                                      Image by @aogpixels


FaceTime Photoshoots

One of the main things creatives missed during lockdown was creating magic in the studios with an incredible team. So how could we shoot without being able to see each other? FaceTime, of course! It was great practice for photographers to be able to adapt to new shooting conditions quickly and there were some amazing results seen all over Instagram. Russian photographer Konstantin Chalabov has claimed to be the first to come up with the idea as he was contemplating how he’d shoot throughout lockdown and this idea spread very quickly with even high-fashion brands and celebrities getting involved. One London-based photographer that I’m totally obsessed with is Ruby Donohoe. She created some dreamy images with model Shelby over FaceTime that captivated the reality of isolation and our newfound happiness when it came to lounging around. It was reassuring to see that we could still work but in a completely new and exciting way.

Photography: @rubymaedonohoe

Model: @sm.luke

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