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5 Black-Owned Makeup Brands to Support Right Now

As countries across the world join with the Black Lives Matter movement to protest against police brutality and racial injustice, there is no better time than now to consider small changes you can make to in your own life support the black community.

As countries across the world join with the Black Lives Matter movement to protest against police brutality and racial injustice, there is no better time than now to consider small changes you can make to in your own life support the black community. Purchasing from black-owned makeup brands is a great way to start. We have compiled a list of black-owned makeup brands that you should not only support during this movement but all year round.


1. Beauty Bakerie

Beauty Bakerie is a cruelty-free beauty brand founded by Cashmere Nicole. This company is black women-owned and lead, with black people making up 75% of the staff. Cashmere’s inspiring and moving story that led her to where she is now can be found on the website. The motto ‘Better, not bitter’ can be seen across the company website, encouraging light and sweetness which is reflected in their beautiful packaging. The website features a Foundation Finder that gives you the perfect match in a few clicks of a button. It also suggests other products that would suit your skin tone.


The brand is constantly working to make changes in communities. The started the Sugar Homes project in 2016 to support orphanages in Zimbabwe and Uganda.  Over $110,000 has been raised to support these orphanages.

2. Mented Cosmetics


Mented Cosmetics sparked from the founders, KJ Miller and Amanda Johnson, struggle to match lipsticks to their complexion. The company aims to make consumers feel comfortable and confident in their makeup, no matter their skin tone. The website has a Shade Finder feature for both foundation and lipstick, allowing customers to find a colour match online. The founders put together a video introducing the brand to the customers and highlighting their story and promise. The website has a ‘Your Story’ section to show their products being used by POC beauty influencers.

3. OPV Beauty


OPV Beauty is a London based company founded by sisters Opeyemi & Bukola Adeyemo. The company is inclusive to all skin tones and describes themselves as an ‘inclusive, ethical beauty movement’ which is certainly fitting. The website has a short 4 question quiz to provide customers with their own custom makeup set emailed to them directly. This makes the company feel personal and connected. Their products are 100% cruelty-free and the website is currently offering free UK shipping on orders over £20 as well a discount code for 5% off all products.

4. MDMFlow

Facebook: @mdmflow

MDMFlow is a beauty company full of heavy 90s and 00s influence. The company was founded by Florence Adepoju and the aesthetic of the products derives from her interest in hip-hop culture. Florence’s experience working for other makeup brands allowed her to recognize a lack of diversity in products, inspiring a decision to personally make a change. The lipsticks were made solely by the founder in her shed before developing a bigger team as her company began to flourish. The company focuses on eye and lip products that are suitable for all skin tones.


5. UOMA Beauty

facebook: @uomabeauty


UOMA Beauty was founded by Sharon Chuter, drawing inspiration from her Afro heritage to create a fierce and fresh aesthetic. The company defines themselves as ‘rebellious, innovative and created for all’. UOMA has 6 values and beliefs; Self-Expression, Colourful Living, African Pride, Empowering Tribe, Inclusivity, Beautiful Rebellion. A purpose and determination to provide real diversity and advocate for their values can be seen from their bold packaging to their beautiful promotional material. The website has a 3 Step Shade Finder featuring an ethnically diverse range of models to help customers find their perfect shade.


Other Ways to Support the Black Lives Matter Movement


A playlist of Youtube videos to help donate

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