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5 Top Tips for Maintaining Healthy Hair

If you are wondering how to combat your dry and unconditioned hair, then take a few of these top tips and keep at them this winter.

If you are wondering how to combat your dry and unconditioned hair, then take a few of these top tips and keep at them this winter. Your hair is number one on the neglect list when it comes to your self-care regime, so why not invest some time and money into it and completely transform your locks. It can be deflating having hair that looks and feels like straw, so it’s a good idea to keep up the hair care to keep it shiny and soft and your confidence at 100.

#1 Get regular trims and cuts


The first thing you have to make sure you do is to get haircuts fairly regularly. It can be such a drag going to sit in the hairdressers only to stare at yourself in the mirror for a few hours, but it is so worth it and does absolute wonders for your hair. Without getting the split ends cut off, your hair will stop growing and also look wispy and broken which isn’t a good look. This is a major key to getting your hair to look healthy so it’s worth the money and the trip to the salon.


#2 Turn down your scorching shower

We all love a scorching hot shower, especially on a cold winter morning after you’ve rolled out of bed for your 9 AM start, but the question is, is that any good for your hair? And the answer is as you imagined… NO! Studies have shown that this can irritate your scalp and weaken your hair as it grows out. It is recommended that you wash in warm water and then do a quick cold rinse at the end of your shower to close the cuticles and maintain healthy-looking hair.


#3 Make the time for hair masks


If you take the time and the money to invest in hair masks, you will notice a massive difference in the condition and feel of your hair instantly. It’s always a question of where to start with hair masks as there’s so many on the market of which can get pricey or not work at all. Some highly recommended conditioning treatments include Olaplex Hair Perfector, The Body Shop Shea Butter Hair Mask and Coco & Eve Like a Virgin Hair Masque. There are also tonnes of recipes online for DIY hair mask recipes which may save you a lot of money but still produce good results. Deep conditioning should become one of your essential ‘to-dos’ on your self-care days. This will replenish the moisture that is lost from your hair due to heat, weather and over-washing etc so get researching now and give your hair the treatment it deserves.


#4 Avoid heat when you can


As everyone knows, heat is the worst for damaging and ruining your hair but this doesn’t stop us over-styling our hair every single day. You can’t beat a dead straight look or a flawless wave, however, it tends to takes its toll on the condition of our hair after a while. Since TikTok has rocketed, many viral trends have surfaced on how to wet set your hair to create cute curls or waves without any heat at all. This includes using dressing gown ropes or even socks which avoids heat damage. We’ve even released our very own silk heatless wave kit this week! We’re taking pre-orders on our SilkVine™ exclusively through our website, reserve yours right here – The SilkVine


#5 Eat a balanced diet


A balanced diet is also extremely important and a big contributor to the strength and health of your hair. Without the right nutrients, your hair can become brittle and weak causing breakage and in extreme cases, hair loss. A healthy diet means your hair is more likely to be shiny and strong, so, making certain changes to ensure you’re getting the right vitamins is a sensible idea.

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