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Monday, the 31st of August, by Kat Battershill

7 Holiday Beauty Essentials

I love any kind of holiday whether it be a staycation or a tropical resort, but while I’m there is don’t want to spend forever getting ready or worrying about my hair, so I’ve put together a list of my beauty essentials for any holiday.

I love any kind of holiday whether it be a staycation or a tropical resort, but while I’m there is don’t want to spend forever getting ready or worrying about my hair, so I’ve put together a list of my beauty essentials for any holiday.

1. SPF!

The biggest beauty must-have is Sun Protection! The sun can cause so much damage to your skin, with increased risk of skin cancers and other long-term effects. UV rays damage the skin as we know causing it to become red, but long-term unprotected exposure damages the elastin within your skin, meaning your skin will not be able to bounce back as it did before causing wrinkles and sagging of the skin. Using SPF does not stop you from developing a golden tan, it just reduces the damaging effects the UV rays can have, so what is the harm? Just apply some and enjoy your holiday pain-free and ageless. When buying SPF try finding one that protects against UVA and UVB rays for the best protection.

2. Sun Protection for your Hair

Protecting your skin from the sun is of utmost importance for your health, but don’t forget about your hair! Going in and out of the sun and water can be very damaging and drying for your hair. Applying protection for your hair comes in many forms including oils and sprays, making it easy to apply and very nourishing for your hair.


3. Gentle Face Wash


A good face wash is always essential but I find that on holiday especially in the sun I want to stay far away from any harsh or drying washes, they be good at cleansing but they leave my skin feeling tight. Try finding a face wash that is made for sensitive skin and with little to no fragrance. The ingredients in these products should be far gentler, stopping it from feeling tight and becoming red. If In doubt keep away from fragrance and high alcohol content.

4. Petroleum Jelly

Depending on your holiday destination or activity a few cuts or grazes may occur. Applying petroleum jelly over a small wound or graze, once cleaned, will help in the healing process, and minimise the chance of infection. This is due to keeping the damaged skin the same moisture level as healthy skin, and as a bonus, it minimises scabbing. Not only is it great for cuts and dry lips, of course, but it is also great at removing stubborn eyeliner and mascara without irritating your skin.

5. Hair Mask

Treating yourself while on holiday should extend to your skin and hair too, taking a small amount of hair mask and applying every couple of nights will do wonders for your hair and perhaps you might even add it as part of your self-care routine once home. Being in and out of the sun and water, especially salt or chlorinated water will dry your hair out no end. Conditioner is a must but a good hair mask that really nourishes your hair will reduce dryness and frizz, keeping your hair looking healthy. If you do not have space for a full tub of hair mask simply decant some into a travel-sized bottle such as the ones you find for
shampoo or body wash.


6. Cooling Face Mist

A cooling face mist is ideal for hot locations or while hot from exercise, a quick spray over dinner will cool you down and make for a more comfortable evening while a cooling mist while on a hike will hydrate your skin while you take a water break. Many come in a small enough size that will fit into a handbag or rucksack and as a bonus, some come with added SPF which is great as often we do not apply it correctly to our faces especially around the eye area using a spray will eliminate this issue.


7. Bug Spray

We have all been there, waking up on holiday only to find bites on your legs, not only are they itchy and annoying but they get very red and raised. There is no definite way to stop them but why not reduce your risk with some repellent. These come In many forms such as sprays and lotions and often contain DEET, however, DEET (N,N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide) has many side effects such as headaches. Natural forms of repellent also work well and are far less likely to have such side effects, with the bonus of smelling great.


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