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Can Silk Scrunchies Really Promote Hair Growth?

By now you'll have seen that silk scrunchies are taking the haircare market by storm, but are they really as good as they claim to be for your hair, and can they REALLY promote hair growth?

By now you’ll have seen that silk scrunchies are taking the haircare market by storm, but are they really as good as they claim to be for your hair, and can they REALLY promote hair growth? Let’s break it down…

What is silk?

While I can’t speak for all silk products, our luxury mulberry silk is a 100% pure natural fibre, coated in sericin protein. Not to be confused with synthetic polyester satin, often referred to purely as ‘satin’. Most silks you’ll see in the haircare and fashion markets will be silk satin – this is the super soft, shiny silk we know and love.


Why is this beneficial for my hair?

The sericin protein coating found on our mulberry silk acts as nature’s moisturiser, reducing absorption and conditioning your hair as you go about your day, or sleep during the night. If you have coloured, dry or damaged hair, using cotton scrunchies can actually dry out your hair even more, resulting in more split ends and breakage – two things we know to be bad for growing your hair long and healthy.

If you have fine or curly hair prone to tangling or knotting, absorbent scrunchie fabrics on dry hair can make this worse – if you’ve ever had to cut an elastic out of your hair you’ll know what I mean!

Silk’s glossy surface glides across your hair, resulting in less pulling, reduced breakage and retention of your hair’s moisture.


But won’t satin do the same job?

And by satin, we mean the cheaper synthetic alternative often found in scrunchies and pillowcases. Granted, both have a silky smooth surface and share some of the same positive qualities, but there are some distinct advantages of silk over satin when thinking about your hair’s overall health.


As a synthetic fibre, polyester satin doesn’t breathe. If you’ve ever worn polyester clothing, you’ll know that feeling of being overheated & a little bit clammy. Silk on the other hand is completely breathable, allowing air to circulate around where your hair is tied.


Unlike polyester satin, silk is hypoallergenic and has antibacterial properties, helping your scrunchies stay resistant to dust mites, mould and fungus (things I think we can all agree are best off far away from your hair)!


So can silk scrunchies really promote hair growth?

The short answer is that they can certainly help! Though silk scrunchies alone won’t directly make your hair grow, healthy hair that doesn’t snap, break or split is what we’re aiming for, and that’s something silk scrunchies definitely can help with.

Where can I buy one?!

From us of course! We have 17 beautiful shades in the finest pure mulberry silk, in both original and skinny sizes, with FREE UK delivery & worldwide shipping. Make the switch to silk & thank us later –

p.s, take 10% off your order with code MMBLOG10


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