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Future MUAs of Hampshire

Grace’s biggest piece of advice to anyone considering studying in this field is; get your name out there, don’t be afraid to ask for help, and build your connections!

Grace May Wainwright


Grace is a 21 year-old Makeup and Hair Design graduate at Solent University with a huge passion for fashion, film and makeup.  With a strong background in art and design, Grace chose to study makeup and hair to build on her skills as a creative. She is excited by versatility and collaborative work; something she has experienced fully as a makeup student. Grace’s biggest piece of advice to anyone considering studying in this field is; get your name out there, don’t be afraid to ask for help, and build your connections!

Holly Hamilton


Holly is a 22-year-old makeup artist from Fareham and a Make-up for Media and Performance graduate from Arts University Bournemouth. Holly studied make-up and hair and an art foundation at college prior to university. She chose to continue onto a university level, as the employability rate would be much higher. Holly’s mum is a make-up and hair artist herself, so she grew up in a creative environment with someone to look up to. Holly has previously worked for Bobby Brown and Benefit Cosmetics on make-up counters to develop her engage with customers about makeup and the ability to work on different skin colours and ages. Some valuable things that Holly has learned throughout her degree include giving yourself that key creative license and initiative to produce something unique and meaningful.    

Charlotte Black


Charlotte, 28, is a second year Makeup and Hair Design student at Solent University. With two years of experience as a freelance MUA in London, she decided to come to university to gain academic professional experience and further her creative skills. Charlotte is just as interested in the process of applying makeup as the completed look. Her field of expertise is creative and editorial makeup and making people feel beautiful. Coming to university has taught Charlotte every mistake is a learning opportunity and there is a never-ending list of new techniques to learn.  

Kate Cobain


Kate, a Makeup and Hair Design student at Solent University, is a 20-year-old with a heavily academic background. She always had a strong passion for theatre and art and began to use make-up as a form of self-expression after losing self-confidence. Kate has a broad imagination and is fascinated by all things visual and creative, which her course has allowed her to freely explore. She is keen to use her skills to put good things out into the world in social and political contexts. Kate says that she has never experienced something quite like being able to do a degree in something so creative and is ready to go the extra mile as an artist to achieve the best.   

Georgia Gilmore


Georgia is a 21-year-old makeup student at Solent University with a background in very academic education and childcare. She developed makeup as a hobby alongside other work, but was encouraged by family and friends to pursue what you are passionate about. Like many others, she had no idea that courses like this even existed until it was recommended to her. Georgia completed the Design Foundation Year at Solent before moving up to the Makeup and Hair Design degree. Georgia’s favourite thing about studying makeup at a higher level is the diversity in what she does every day and the opportunities given. The freedom to take risks and turn your designs into pieces of work in an industry that is constantly changing is so important.  

Amy Keating


Amy, 21, is a graduate from Solent University’s Makeup and Hair Design degree. Amy grew up with a fascination for make-up, by watching older girls at her dance school do their makeup and having a strong interest in the special effects and prosthetics process for the Harry Potter and Doctor Who. She studied Theatrical Media Makeup and Hair Design at college, with an additional BTEC diploma in makeup. This introduced her to different opportunities to work with departments such as SKY TV, Scare Festivals and various photographers. Moving forward to a university degree, Amy has developed her networking and collaborative skills. She enjoys learning from fellow professionals to develop her skills. Amy has discovered throughout her degree that anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it, keep practicing and constantly push boundaries.

Raquel Camarão


Raquel is a 22-year old Solent University Makeup and Hair Design graduate who has had an ongoing passion for makeup, but never in a professional context before her degree. She was inspired my film and television and had always wondered about a behind-the-scenes role that really helps tell a story. Throughout her degree, Raquel has discovered that the ability to versatile is key and that, as a makeup artist, you truly have the power to create something wonderful.  

Ruby Chandler


Ruby, 20, is a Makeup and Hair Design graduate from Solent University with a strong background in art and design. She thrives in creative environments and enjoys the freedom that you can have as a make-up artist in this industry. Ruby’s speciality lies in editorial looks and enjoys following a brief that still allows that key creative freedom. Ruby’s degree has taught her more than she ever imagined, including the ability to work as a professional, hygiene regulations and the confidence to take pride in your work.     

Sheridan McMillan


Sheridan is a 21-year-old Makeup and Hair Design graduate from Solent University with a strong interest in fashion and editorial looks. She loves to work in a collaborative environment to create concepts for a shoot and work with other creatives to produce the best work possible. Sheridan has benefited from her university degree by improving her creative skills and developing further knowledge about this industry. Her course gave her the ability to work on any model and to have confidence in the work she produces. Sheridan has also learned a lot about the production element of the makeup industry, including photography, lighting and studio set ups.   

Roksana Swiderska

@roxorora @roksana.swiderska.sfx

Roksana, 21, is a Makeup and Hair Design graduate from Solent University with a passion for SFX and editorial work. When she was in college, Roksana created video tutorials on Youtube to share her passion for makeup with others. She chose to  go into this industry to develop her knowledge and skills in order to become a professional make-up artist, including health and safety, techniques and how to set up your own business. Roksana’s favourite thing about this industry is the ability to work with other artists, models, photographers and stylists to create some amazing outcomes. On her university course, she has developed some valuable skills. These include team work, patience and how to work with a tight schedule. Roksana says that everything she has learned throughout her degree has allowed her to become an industry professional. She can now approach other professionals with a vast industry knowledge to support her creative skills.  

Kat Battershill


Kat is a 22-year-old Makeup and Hair Design graduate, with a previous background in makeup and hair at college. Kat has been fascinated by makeup from a very young age and would always watch her older sister use it before trying it out for herself. She never had an interest in an academic or conventional  career path and chose something creative instead. Katrina loves a bold makeup and introducing something unique to a look. The key thing that she has learned as a makeup student is to be prepared for whoever sits in that chair and you’ll be able to handle anything.    

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