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Friday, the 27th of March, by Izzie O'Neill

How To Become A Makeup Artist – Advice on Starting From Scratch

Being successful in this industry takes a lot of dedication and hard work, like any dream career would! We’ve compiled a list of tips on how to get started.


Turning your passion for makeup into a career sounds like a dream, but it really is possible to build a career experimenting with different products and looks, working with celebrity clients and setting free your creativity.

Being successful in this industry takes a lot of dedication and hard work, like any dream career would! We’ve compiled a list of tips on how to get started.

Start practicing and never stop

All our lives we’ve been told practice makes perfect, and when it comes to makeup it’s no different. Perfecting your technique takes time and hard work.

Start by practicing on yourself. Learning your own face shape and the basics of makeup without the added pressure of working on someone else is the perfect way to build your confidence and improve your knowledge.

Once you’ve mastered your own face you can then put your skills to the test using friends and family. No two faces are alike so the more people you create looks on the better! You could look into working on a beauty counter. Working a beauty counter can provide invaluable experience and practice opportunity.

Get educated

If you’re serious about making a professional career out of makeup artistry, getting an education is something worth looking into. Most brands look for professional qualifications on CVs whether it be an NVQ or degree.

Make sure that any training you complete is with a reputable establishment and comes with a recognised certificate. Do your research and find a programme that best suits your ambitions and needs. Many colleges offer an NVQ qualification in makeup, but only a few universities in the country offer degree level training, amongst these are Solent University, UCA, Arts University Bournemouth and Birmingham University.

Develop an online presence

If you want to be successful you must have an online presence. The industry is ever changing and apps such as Instagram and YouTube have become invaluable tools when it comes to building your career as an MUA.

Sharing your work online is important. It allows people to view your skills and interact with you. The more you expose your work the more opportunities you are going to find.

Always say yes!

Take each and every opportunity that presents itself. Every job will improve your skills and provide new experiences which help you develop as an artist and as a business person. It is also true that you never know who you might meet or where the people you interact with may go next. Building connections on jobs at the start of your career will certainly benefit you as you move up the ladder. First impressions are vital in this industry as it’s a very small community much like the fashion industry, so always look your best, and do your best work in every opportunity you take.

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