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How to Live Your Safest Best Life – 7 Essentials You Need for Your Peri-COVID Vacay

Now we’ve all been pretty much set free, a lot more of us can go on those holidays we booked way before COVID-19 struck, but they definitely won’t be what we once imagined.

Now we’ve all been pretty much set free, a lot more of us can go on those holidays we booked way before COVID-19 struck, but they definitely won’t be what we once imagined. With the new norm of excessive hygiene, socially distancing and our new favourite accessory, aka the face covering, it is important to be aware of what essentials we’re going to need flying to new countries during these times. After the strain lockdown had on our mental health, a holiday is definitely what everyone needs, but being safe and alert about the risks is even more important. Here are 7 essentials you need for your peri-COVID holiday in order for you to have the best, but safest time:

#1 Face Masks

If you’ve ventured out, especially shopping, you probably already own a face covering which is now an essential along with your keys, purse and phone. But if you’re yet to own one, Etsy is a great place to look. Disposable surgical grade masks are fine but along with this comes the complication of unnecessary waste and pollution and we’ve all seen a few laying around in the supermarket car park which is unsettling. Getting a couple of reusable masks is tonnes better for the environment and they look better as you can get experimental with fabric to go with your outfits. They are easily washed, you’re keeping safe, you’re helping to protect our planet from pollution and also supporting small businesses who are making the masks so they are 100% worth the investment. Disposable masks are also super pricey so you’re saving your money in the long run which means you’ll have more money to spend on your well-deserved vacay this year!

#2 Hand Gel

There’s not always access to soap and a sink so hand gel is VITAL especially in today’s society. Although public spaces have upped their game in the world of hygiene, you can never be too safe when touching things. The airport and toilets are feeding grounds for germs and if you’re travelling to a country with a higher infection rate you need to zap that evil bacteria before it’s too late. Superdrug has tonnes of scents to choose from so treat yourself and your hands so you can sip those cocktails all night long and enjoy the amazing sunshine with no worries at all.

#3 Disinfectant Wipes

If you’re worried about certain surfaces whether that’s the loo seat or a door handle, these fresh-smelling disinfectant wipes are perfect for your handbag. They are a great size and might just put you at ease when you’re out and about living your best life on Ibiza strip or the streets of Paris. Also, if you didn’t know, your phone carries 25,000 bacteria per square inch which is DISGUSTING!!! That’s dirtier than a kitchen… It’s a good idea to wipe it down every so often as it will spread germs quicker than you can say COVID-19.

#4 Travel Detergent

Not all hotels and apartments have washing machines available for your use so a small travel detergent is essential to wash your masks and anything else you may want to reuse on your trip. Simply fill the bathroom sink up and allow your masks to soak overnight to remove any germs they may have collected throughout the day. It’s a good idea to have a few masks so you can have these in rotation to be as clean as you possibly can while you’re away.

#5 A Laundry Bag for Worn Clothes

Once lockdown was eased, it was stressed to remove your work clothes and wash them straight away once you got in after a long day. Obviously, this is harder while you’re on holiday, but it’s a sensible idea to have some kind of drawstring bag to put your ‘contaminated’ clothes in. This will keep them separate from your clean clothes as the bacteria can supposedly live for 72 hours on fabric which is why you’ll find many retail stores quarantining their returns. When you get home, you can chuck it all in the wash with no stress! Easy as pie.

#6 Hand Cream

With the masses of hand gel you’ll be drowning yourself in, comes extremely dry crusty dusty hands which are never cute. Especially when you’ve had a fresh neon mani for your ventures which will no doubt bring attention to your hands. It looks awful and there’s nothing worse than feeling like a flakey reptile I can assure you. Aveeno is the best hand cream I’ve ever come across and the tiniest bit will change your life 100%! It’s definitely a must at the minute and the saltwater might add to this dryness which isn’t ideal.

#7 A Travel Debit Card

Now a lot of restaurants and businesses are going cashless, it’s probably a good idea to get yourself a travel card which doesn’t charge you the fees your normal debit card would abroad. There are so many different options for these, but some highly recommended ones include Currensea and Revolut. Using a card is 100% a safer option at the minute and it’ll save you a lot of stress when deciding where to chill and eat so you can spend as you please without that dirty cash.                                               

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