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MUAs of TikTok

Hours of hard work are shown in 15-60 second clips, receiving engagement beyond the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

TikTok has become a groundbreaking social media app over the last year. Some of the most interesting and engaging content creators on the platform are the MUAs! Hours of hard work are shown in 15-60 second clips, receiving engagement beyond the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Today, we’re showing you our top 5 TikTok MUAs and why you should be following them!


1. Abby Roberts

Abby Roberts is a 19-year-old MUA from Leeds with a following of almost 16 million. If you’re looking for your glam fix or some creepy gore, Abby is the go-to! This MUA is either starting trends or catching onto them quickly. Her work features the likes of Liam Payne and Yungblud, letting her work reach audiences outside of TikTok.

Check out Abby’s TikTok here

Instagram: @abbyroberts


2. Charlotte Roberts

Charlotte is a 17-year-old MUA from Leeds and, you guessed it, the younger sister to Abby. However, she is very much an independent artist in her own sense. Charlotte is constantly pushing creative boundaries to give her 8 million followers daily ultimate transformations. Whether she’s making herself up as a Robert Pattinson meme or Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride, there is no end to her talent.

Check out Charlotte’s TikTok here

Instagram: @charlotteroberts

3. Tiffany Hunt

Tiffany Hunt, A.K.A illumin_arty, is a self-described ‘shape shifter’ and a previous contestant on BBC’s Glow Up. Tiffany creates some beautiful utopian fantasies in her work, whilst throwing in a hint of creepy here and there. Tiffany transforms herself into some of our favourite classic characters, as well as some beautiful glam. If you’re a fan of BBC’S Glow Up, definitely check out her work to see how far she has come!

Check out Tiffany’s TikTok here

Instagram: @illumin_arty


4. Chris Grave

Chris is a 20-year-old up and coming make-up artist from Manchester. Chris started his makeup journey on TikTok at the end of 2019, but really progressed during lockdown. The amount of detail in his looks are breathtaking and he constantly displays his range of skills with each video. If you’re looking for some fun makeup looks with a lot of character, show your support to Chris!

Check out Chris’ TikTok here

Instagram: @christopher_grave


5. Tenisha Billington

Tenisha, A.K.A flawless_by_tenisha, is a makeup artist from Guyana and currently resides in New Jersey. Tenisha’s videos showcase glam and special effects skills, with a touch of cosplay. With just over 1.3 million followers on TikTok, Tenisha gives her audience their daily makeup fix with flawless application and jaw-dropping costumes.

Check out Tenisha’s TikTok here

Instagram: @flawless_by_tenisha


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