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Sustainable Alternatives For Your Makeup Kit

In your pro makeup kit, “disposables” is a term for a single use item. These items are things such as makeup wipes, cotton pads and cotton buds.

In your pro makeup kit, “disposables” is a term for a single use item. These items are things such as makeup wipes, cotton pads and cotton buds. These are essential items for applying and removing makeup but unfortunately, they are not particularly eco-friendly. If being eco-friendly is a concern you have, here are some simple reusable alternatives to replace the single use items in your kit.


Face Halo Pack of 3 – Black, £18

Face Halo

Face Halo’s are a fantastic alternative to makeup wipes, they remove makeup using just water. Whilst you may have to invest some money into buying enough for your kit, in the long run, it will be more cost effective than constantly buying wipes.

Face Halo’s come in 2 colours, white and black, but black would be better for a professional kit as they won’t show any staining from eye makeup.

They can only be used on one person before they need to be washed. To wash them, place them in a netted bag and put in the washing machine on a high wash without any detergent, as detergent will break down the fibres over time and make them less effective.


Reusable Cotton Pads


Reusable cotton pads are a brilliant replacement for single use cotton pads. You may want to buy multiple packs of these to ensure you always have some available, but again, it will soon work out more cost effective than single use cotton pads.

They’re a similar to concept to the Face Halos, except these can be used with skin products such as makeup remover, micellar water and toner. It can be a good idea to use these with your products first and remove any excess with Face Halos.

Again, these come in white or black but black would be ideal to minimise staining. These also need to be washed after every use and come with a wash bag to wash them in.


Bambaw Bamboo Cotton Buds Pack of 200, £3


Cotton Buds are one of the most controversial products available to purchase today, traditionally made of plastic, they can take hundreds of years to decompose. However, bamboo cotton buds are 100% compostable and most are also sustainably sourced. They do the exact same job as regular buds but are far better for the environment. They’re also available in smaller sizes which can be perfect for small mistakes or for special effects. This specific brand of buds are available to purchase in Boots!


ISOCLEAN Mascara Wands – Pack of 100, £12


Mascara wands are something that are essential in a professional makeup kit for working hygienically however, they are not friendly to the environment – until now. The ISCOCLEAN mascara wands are made of biodegradable materials and packaged in UV sterilised, home-compostable packaging. They are still single use and should never be placed back into the product after touching your client, but now you can dispose of them easily and economically.


ISOCLEAN Lip Gloss Applicators – Pack of 100, £12


If you prefer applying gloss with a doe foot applicator then ISOCLEAN have got you covered! Their disposable lip gloss applicators are made from biodegradable materials just like their mascara wands but have a soft, cushioned doe foot applicator for smooth, seamless gloss application.

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