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The Most Useful Things You’ll Learn in Makeup School – A Graduate Perspective

This week we spoke to Georgia Papa, a BA (Hons) Makeup and Hair Design and MA Visual Communication Graduate from Solent University, to give you some insider advice on makeup school.

Anne Ziegan, London Fashion Week


This week we spoke to Georgia Papa, a BA (Hons) Makeup and Hair Design and MA Visual Communication Graduate from Solent University, to give you some insider advice on makeup school. Whether you are currently studying makeup, or are interested in it in the future, Georgia’s experience will guide you into a successful makeup school journey. After all, who better to learn from than someone who has been in the same position?


What is your favourite make-up or hair skill you learnt whilst studying your course?


My favourite skill whilst studying and developing my make-up artistry experience would be understanding how formulations of products work in conjunction with different skin types, skin tones and textures. This allows an artist to not only tailor a make-up artistry experience to a client, but visually determine from an image what products are used and how a look can be created. For hairstyling, my favourite skill would be how to transform the most simplistic hairstyles into elegant and intricate outcomes which compliment different face shapes.


What are the most useful skills you have learnt from your degree that you can now utilise in the industry?


I learned many useful skills at university and was honoured to have the most amazing mentors who I still look up to today, however I will always carry forward the skills of how to be independent in my learning, grow my skillset in other areas of the industry to be able to communicate and learn new terminology, understand how to work collaboratively with other creatives and sociably interact to make new connections leading to new opportunities.

Do you have any tips for students studying make-up and hair artistry, or those interested in studying and exploring the industry?


From my own personal experience, those studying make-up and hair artistry – take advantage of every opportunity which comes your way. Try new roles and explore as much of the industry as you possibly can, this will help you determine which areas you enjoy and would like to specialise in. Connect with others and collaborate to build your portfolio and experience. For those interested, since many courses have transferred online this gives you the opportunity to take part in taster sessions from home and explore different courses, this will help you determine what is most suitable for you. Do not be afraid to push yourself into trying new things.


What advice would you give to students finishing their education and developing their careers in the industry?


The best advice I could offer is to never stop learning and gaining new experiences, the industry is continuously evolving with new trends, techniques and technology. This year I have had the opportunity to study an online course with the University of Arts London in Design for Art Direction, this is an opportunity I would not have been able to take if this was not available online. Take advantage of online courses, continue to experiment with your portfolio and creating new outcomes which visually convey your skillset, techniques and identity as an artist. Even if you have taken a job role that does not suit your creative ability, try to see the positives and identify what you can lean from this role to take onto your next opportunity.


Check out Georgia’s work here

Anne Ziegan, London Fashion Week

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