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Monday, the 27th of July, by Kat Battershill

What to Expect From Your Makeup Artist Post Covid-19

Due to health and safety precautions changing drastically in the past few months and lockdown now being eased, now more than ever it is imperative that makeup artists maintain high standards of health and safety.

Due to health and safety precautions changing drastically in the past few months and lockdown now being eased, now more than ever it is imperative that makeup artists maintain high standards of health and safety. It is impossible to complete a makeup look or style hair from 1-2 metres away, but there are some other precautions that we can take to ensure our clients are kept safe and comfortable.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Makeup artists will be wearing PPE, as it is important when working so close to a client to ensure that you are both protected. Appropriate PPE for makeup artists include a face shield or a mask with protective glasses, gloves, and an apron. Gloves, aprons, and disposable face masks will be changed between each client, and the outside of the visor or glasses sanitised with alcohol. Artists should not touch their phone, or un-sanitised surfaces while wearing the gloves to stop cross contamination, and if this happens the gloves need to be replaced.

As this is all still very new and government recommendations are being updated, things may change, yet this will be the minimum that clients should expect of their artists.

Extra Precautions

Other than wearing a mask and washing hands between clients, which was already common practice, artists will be ensuring their kit is clean and bacteria free by no longer keeping pallets or other makeup open on the countertop. As we now know Covid-19 can spread through droplets of saliva that we produce while talking. Ensuring that our products are not left open reduces the risk of contamination. Artists already sanitise makeup such as eyeshadow palettes regularly, and including this extra step ensures the enhanced safety of our clients.

The New Norm

Dolovemk: Makeup brush holder

Many artists use brush belts or leave brushes on the counter top, however for the same reason why pallets can’t be open brushes will no longer sit out in the open either – brush pots with lids will be the new norm.  Brush belts can still be worn, but all brushes, including unused brushes will need to be cleaned after each client and a brush pot with a lid is a simple and effective time saver.

mDesign: cosmetics storage box


Beaupretty: disposable mascara wands

Prior to Covid-19 many artists used lip brushes that required sterilising and cleaning after every client, this was more environmentally friendly than disposables. However, post Covid any brushes used close to these sensitive areas will now need to be disposable. There are environmentally friendly disposables often made from materials like bamboo.


Artists want their clients to be comfortable, if you have any anxiety or questions about how your artist is ensuring your safety, and theirs, don’t hesitate to contact them prior to your appointment. All of our artists will be more than happy to reassure you and let you know about their individual health and safety practices to give you peace of mind.

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