Our Story

CEO & Founder Rachel Collins is a hair and makeup artist, turned lecturer, turned entrepreneur, harnessing her passion for the beauty industry to bring simple luxury healthy haircare solutions to busy women across the globe.

Everything in the Makeup and Mane store has been expertly crafted in Rachel's home studio, using the finest quality fabrics from sustainable sources. Our protective haircare range not only looks incredibly luxe, but works to prevent frizz, breakage and damage too!

Our Sustainability Statement
  • Our Christchurch Studio

  • CEO, Founder & Maker Rachel

Rachel's mission is to make healthy hair and beauty routines accessible for busy women who don't have time for lengthy routines, but who still long for glossy hair and glowing skin. Imagine knowing you're doing your hair good just by wearing a silk ponytail! Now that's a haircare favourite we can get behind.

Our 5* rated SilkVines and scrunchies are popular with women right across the globe, from the USA, to Iceland, Singapore, New Zealand and beyond. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, sustainable products and packaging and a commitment to creating and curating beneficial products to help you achieve your hair and beauty goals

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